Basickly today's outcome is almost random

Basickly today's outcome is almost random

Basickly today’s outcome is almost random, but not completely. Life is like that for people with complex health issues and chronic illnesses. The purpose of blog posts on is to participate in a conversation about systems that we build into our lives to support our health, on the good and the bad days. That’s way we’ve changed our website name starting, fresh in 2019, ensuring our name reflects the content of this past year.


How did we get a new name like basickly? I put key words in a random blog name generator and came up with one super great name and a few awful options. Then I checked the market (aka. I asked my daughter, she liked it, we made the change).

Basically this blog is about identifying aspects of our life that we might be able to adjust to alleviate some life pressures. If life is a challenge for you and if some of those challenges are health related, then the posts on this site may be relevant. Hence the name, basickly (because basically life is full of active days and sick days for people with health issues). Not every day is going to be the best day, and not every day is going to be the worse day. We hope that by tweaking some daily systems in your life, you can have better sick days, and more active days, and that the random horrible sick days happen less often.


I have a chronic illness and I can make certain decisions, develop habits, and make plans, but whether things go well or go badly is almost random. Almost. I have migraines. They are treated with:

  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological prevention;

  • Acute onset pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies,

  • Environment and lifestyle approaches including nutrition.

  • Some people also have surgical interventions if deemed necessary.

And then…. I wait, because life happens.  And I know that Amanda, and Sally and Jake, have the same illness as me, but will have to manage it differently based on their triggers and their thresholds of resistance. So in short, you do what you can, and accept the rest.


I read a lot of books and journals, and listen to podcasts, about habits and systems. I recognise that often the issues that are specific to people with chronic or challenging health issues are overlooked. Readers are told to establish a habit and ‘never skip’, ‘don’t break the chain’, ‘make a commitment’. Very little recognition is given to the complex issues that accompany system and habit development for people with health challenges - such as how to decide if you are too unwell to get out of bed (or just too lazy today). Let’s face it, sometimes we are too lazy, but sometimes we are just too sick and tired.

The other aspect that is rarely considered is the benefit of systems to support people with complex health issues particularly when their health is at their worst (i.e. nutrition when you are tired, medication safety). If you are tired and overwhelmed, even if you don’t have a chronic or serious health issue, you may also find the systems and habit discussions on this website relevant for adapting your lifestyle and environment to support challenging days.


Someone once said to me ‘I was worried you were becoming defined by your illness’. It’s an interesting comment. I used to ignore that fact that I had migraines: ;never went and saw a specialist, I endured the endless vomiting and pain when a migraine struck, waited for it to end, then just got on with my life. Maybe I thought migraines were a weakness. Maybe I was just ill informed about how important it was to pay attention to my health.

A few years ago I decided to start talking about it. I realised that chronic illness is an important health issue in our community and it is not a weakness. Sometimes these illnesses can’t be cured, but sometimes they can be prevented. Research has shown that a significant risk factor for chronic illness, is a pre-existing chronic illness. We can no longer suffer in silence.

We have to find ways to live our best lives with these illnesses, and to help others do the same. I am many things – female, mother, daughter, scientist, Christian, photographer, terrible cook. I’m happy to include chronic illness warrior as one of those things. Basickly, it’s a big part of who I am, and I think it is a part of my strength.

So let’s get together and start talking about what we can do to improve each day and help support others to do the same.

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