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This is a blog site that has changing content which includes conversations and opinions. The content of this blog is based on my opinion (and I have lots of them) and these opinions are wholly my own and not the opinions of the organisations that I work with and for. 

I try to be accurate and responsible with the content that I am providing in this blog, but research evidence changes over time, and I may also inadvertently miss something important, so please be aware that there may be omissions, mistakes or errors in the content. 

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the opportunity to reduce your risk of dementia, but this blog doesn't give specific personal advice on what each individual needs to do to reduce their personal risk of dementia or chronic disease. Everyone is different and they should seek medical advice for specific effective guidance.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage individuals to be aware that they can take action, but it doesn't provide specific advice for individuals which will guarantee effective dementia risk reduction.

The amount of activity or nutrition dose is important and needs to be advised based on current research for the individual, taking into account their full health history. 

I am a health scientist and this blog reflects on my personal experience as a chronic disease warrior and a researcher in the field of dementia but I am not a clinician. My advice is not for professional purposes and individuals should seek individual medical advice before taking action. 

I love writing, and I enjoy the opportunity to share what is happening in my world. I also reserve the right to change my mind and my content and write about something different if that seems to be the topic that is important to me. I hope that you will enjoy that change as much as me. Either way, as the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to change the content or direction of the blog at any time. 

Remember, dementia risk reduction is possible, that is the key message. but it's very dependent on you, so see your clinician and ask their advice about how much of each activity you need to do to get the best outcomes.